How To Do Amazing Fashion Magazine Features With A Zero Budget

This technique gets easier after you have published one or two issues.  What I did when I started a glossy lifestyle magazine with no budget was this: I approached B-List celebrities who were looking to raise or keep their profile out there and asked if they would do a fashion shoot for the cover of my magazine. ‘Hell, yes!’ was the usual response. Think about it, these are ordinary people wanting to make it in their area or be seen as having made it. They need cool coverage for their portfolio and to keep their image out there, so the ...

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A New Mag Is Born!

For a couple of years now I have had an idea for a magazine I wanted to create ‘someday’ called Life Is Short Magazine. So when I created my magazine training website, I thought a fun way to show you how to create a magazine would be for me to create a completely new project and show you how it develops from month to month. I started Life Is Short Magazine’s creation about two months ago and dipped in and out of it. Then I became obsessed with it. That’s what happens when you create a new baby magazine ...

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How To Get Into Movies For Free Before Anyone Else Sees Them

There are a tonne of perks to owning your own online magazine including lots of potential freebees! One of the easiest freebees to get are free movie tickets. All you have to do is start including a movie reviews section in your magazine. Design a really nice looking sample movie review page. Email movie distribution companies’ PR people for your region or area and ask to be put onto their media lists. This takes a little investigation work on Google or simply contact your local movie theatres and ask which PR company looks after the press screenings for the different ...

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