How To Get Into Movies For Free Before Anyone Else Sees Them

There are a tonne of perks to owning your own online magazine including lots of potential freebees!

One of the easiest freebees to get are free movie tickets. All you have to do is start including a movie reviews section in your magazine.

Design a really nice looking sample movie review page.

Email movie distribution companies’ PR people for your region or area and ask to be put onto their media lists. This takes a little investigation work on Google or simply contact your local movie theatres and ask which PR company looks after the press screenings for the different movie companies.

Attach a copy of your magazine or even the sample page if you have not completed your magazine yet, and they will send you email invites to press screenings of all the new movie releases.

It’s a great way to see movies for free before anyone else sees them! The press screenings are usually during the day and can be surprisingly empty. However now and  again the press screenings include a party type atmosphere with movie merchandise being handed out and free food and drinks.

This is an excellent method of getting great quality celebrity images for your cover too. PR companies have celebrity shots on file to send out to media (which now includes you!). If you would like to use one of the images for your cover, tell them that this is your intention, they might offer you an exclusive syndicated interview or movie merchandise for competitions!

Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof. The screen shot below are the invites my 16-year-old daughter got this summer. She created a magazine 2 years ago. She only did one issue but from that one issue she continues to get press invites to movies and offers of merchandise. (She also got an all expenses paid trip to Thailand out of it but that’s a story for another day).


Are movies your passion? If you would like me to help you design a really cool movie page or full movie magazine, I’m here for you!

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