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When I worked in a commercial magazine publishing company we used to say that printing a magazine was like printing money. Now you don’t even have to go to to the expense of printing to make money from your magazine, so you are making money from space! In this workshop I show you EXACTLY how you can turn your magazine into a money making machine!

Whether you have a business or want your magazine to be a stand alone money making project, with my easy to follow ‘Money Making Machine Workshop’, I walk you through the different options for making money from your magazine and give you the practical tools to use to apply them to your magazine.

With This Online Workshop You Will Quickly Learn:

  • How To sell advertising with ease!
  • How to develop and attract subscribers
  • How To use your magazine to bring lots of new clients to your business


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When you buy my ‘Magazine Money Making Workshop’ You will get Rosie’s Magazine Creation Academy ‘Get More Readers Kit‘ for FREE! (Worth $147) Because the bigger your readership the MORE money your magazine will generate for you!



In my ‘How To Get Lots More Readers Workshop and Kit’ I show you simple actions and steps to take to get lots of readers for your online magazine without spending a penny on marketing! These are techniques I have learnt and use for any online magazine I create. With my easy to follow steps and worksheets you will develop a unique plan of action specifically for your niche magazine.

With This Kit You Will Quickly Learn:

  • The best ways to attract readers and subscribers to your online magazine.
  • How to develop a PR Plan that will get you free local and international media coverage and help attract new readers.
  • How to use the internet and social media in the best possible way for your magazine.
  • How to get the most from networking to increase your subscription list.

There is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising to reach your target audience! I was a director of a PR and marketing company for three years and I developed low cost ways to reach client’s target audiences. I have since moulded these specifically for targeting magazine readers. In this workshop I share these with you. Clients pay me $500 per consultation for this type of information!


Everything you need to start marketing and developing your readership PLUS turn your magazine into a money making Machine!



Two AMAZING Courses for

ONLY $197

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