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Everything You Need to Plan Every Issue of Your Magazine for the Next 12 Months!

In my ‘Oodles of Content Workshop and Kit’ I am going to show you EXACTLY how you can create oodles of fantastic content for your online magazine for infinity and beyond without stressing out!

These are techniques I developed over my 20 years of magazine publishing and still use for any online magazine I create.

With my easy to follow 3 Step Plan and bonuses you will have everything you need to ensure your magazine overflowing with enough content every issue.

With This Workshop You Will Quickly Learn:
  • All my professional editor secrets on how to fill your magazine with great content over and over again without stress. No more sleepless nights or long working hours!
  • How to have an abundance of great content for each issue of your magazine with less effort.
  • How To Get  A-List Celebrities in your magazine from your first Issue!
  • How To Have Top Writers in Your Magazine for FREE!
  • How to map out every issue of your magazine for the next 12 months and meet your publishing deadlines with ease.
  • Using the worksheets, spreadsheet and page plan templates I provide and guide you through, you will have a complete action plan for each magazine you produce from now until eternity!

When I was running bestselling magazines, there were times when I had zero budget for editorial staff or content. In other words it was just me left to produce a 60-120 page publication every month or two weeks that people would want to buy. So I had to be creative and I developed techniques and systems that, I have to say, are still brilliant today!

Magazines and big newspaper publishing houses with lots of staff, couldn’t figure out how I produced so much amazing content on a low budget. But when they did figure out my techniques, they started using them and 20 years later they are still using them today.

Lots of people follow my site and use the free information I provide to start their own fab online magazine, but often these digital magazines are a one hit wonder because they don’t know how to keep the momentum of great ‘must read’ content going.

What a resource! This really is an out-of-the-box solution for creating magazine content.

Thoughtful and thorough, the gentle step-by-step approach will move you past fear and worry to a finished magazine in hand before you thought it was possible.

I especially like the planning spreadsheets—I found these immensely helpful for juggling the different balls that are part of magazine content production. I also saw how I could use content I’ve already created in a new and even more compelling way as magazine content. So, wow!

If you have been thinking about creating a magazine, this workshop is the right answer.

Jill Colella. Ingredient Magazine

PLUS 3 Fantastic BONUSES!

  • My Secret Guide to Getting Great Top Writers writing for your magazine for FREE!
  • How To Get Big Shots Into Your Magazine from Day 1
  • My Cheat’s Guide to the Quickest and Fastest Ways of Creating Top Class Interviews and Articles!



This Workshop and Kit is normally $197

Get over 50% off for a very limited time!

ONLY $97

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