Ultimate Magazine Creation Kit – Special Offer!

 No More Guess Work – The Complete Magazine Creation Package!

Everything You Need To Know To Get Your Magazine Online ASAP and Making Money!



Rosie’s Oodles of Content Workshop and Editor’s Kit – Everything you need to plan and produce 12 months of content for your magazine, including spreadsheets and worksheets. ($197)

How To Get Lots of Readers Workshop – Practical action steps to get lots of readers, plus a free publicity and marketing plan. ($147)

Magazine Layout Magic – 6-step-by-step video tutorials showing you the tricks of the trade for producing stunning page and cover layouts in less than 40 minutes. ($197)

Magazine Money Making Machine Workshop – How to turn your gorgeous magazine into a money making machine, practical advice and know-how! ($147)

The complete cost of all the individual programs is $688.

For a limited period only for LESS than HALF that price!

You will have everything you need to take your idea right through to having a flip page full-color magazine on your site and virtual shelf.

Here’s What You’ll Get:

Workshop 1: Rosie’s Oodles of Content Workshop and Kit


Everything You Need to Plan Every Issue of Your Magazine for the Next 12 Months!

In my ‘Oodles of Content Workshop and Kit’ I will show you EXACTLY how you can create oodles of fantastic content for your online magazine, for infinity and beyond without stressing out! These are techniques I developed over 20 years of magazine publishing and still use for the online magazines I create. With my easy to follow 3 Step Plan and bonuses you will have everything you need to ensure your magazine is overflowing with content every issue.

With This Workshop You Will Quickly Learn:
  • All my professional editor secrets on how to fill your magazine with great content over and over again without stress. No more sleepless nights or long working hours!
  • How to have an abundance of great content for each issue of your magazine with less effort.
  • How to get  A-List Celebrities in your magazine from your first Issue!
  • How to have Top Writers in your magazine for FREE!
  • How to map out every issue of your magazine for the next 12 months and meet your publishing deadlines with ease.
  • Using the worksheets, spreadsheets and page plan templates I provide and guide you through, you will have a complete action plan for each magazine you produce from now until eternity!

When I was running bestselling magazines, there were times when I had zero budget for editorial staff or content. In other words, I had to produce a 60–120 page publication alone every  fortnight and one that people would want to buy. So I had to be creative and I developed techniques and systems that, I have to say, are still brilliant today!

“ What a resource! This really is an out-of-the-box solution for creating magazine content. Thoughtful and thorough, the gentle step-by-step approach will move you past fear and worry to a finished magazine in hand before you thought it was possible. I especially like the planning spreadsheets—I found these immensely helpful for juggling the different balls that are part of magazine content production. I also saw how I could use content I’ve already created in a new and even more compelling way as magazine content. So, wow! If you have been thinking about creating a magazine, this workshop is the right answer. ”

Jill Colella. Ingredient Magazine

PLUS 3 Fantastic BONUSES!

  • My Secret Guide to Getting Great Top Writers writing for your magazine for FREE!
  • How To Get Big Shots Into Your Magazine from Day One.
  • My Cheat’s Guide to the Quickest and Fastest Ways of Creating Top Class Interviews and Articles!

Workshop 2: Rosie’s Magazine Layout Magic!

Online Magazine Layout Like A Pro in 40 Minutes!

In this workshop I’ll show you my ‘cheat techniques’ of how to do professional looking layout FAST! No need to spend years in training! All you need is Pages for Mac or Microsoft Publisher for your PC and I will show you, through 6 easy-to-follow video tutorials, how to bring the look and design of your magazine from ‘Meh’ to ‘AMAZING’.

You have gathered your content, found great images

… and now it’s time to make your magazine shine!

You will get instant access to 6 video tutorials showing you:

  • How to Design Your Own Amazing Professional Looking Magazine Covers.
  • How to Create Unique Templates for Every Page of Your Magazine.
  • The Secret Rules to Amazing Looking Magazines That Most Amateurs Don’t Know.
  • How to Layout Impressive Advert Pages.
  • How To Layout Fantastic Feature Pages.

Workshop 3: Get Lots Of Readers!


In my ‘How To Get Lots More Readers Workshop and Kit’ I will show you simple actions and steps to take to get  lots of readers for your online magazine without spending a cent on marketing! These are techniques I have learnt and use for the online magazines I create. With my easy to follow steps and worksheets  you will develop a unique plan of action specifically for your niche magazine.

With This Workshop You Will Quickly Learn:
  • The best ways to attract readers and subscribers to your online magazine.
  • How to develop a PR Plan that will get you  free local and international media coverage and help attract new readers.
  • How to use the internet and social media in the best possible way for your magazine.
  • How to get the most from networking to increase your subscription list.

There is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on advertising to reach your target audience! I was a director of a PR and marketing company for three years and I developed low cost ways to reach clients’ target audiences. I have since molded these specifically for targeting magazine readers. In this workshop I share these with you. Clients pay me $500 per consultation for this type of information!

Workshop 4: Your Magazine Money Making Machine!

When I worked in a commercial magazine publishing company we used to say that printing a magazine was like printing money. Now you don’t even have to go to the expense of printing to make money from your magazine, so you are making money from space! In this workshop I show you EXACTLY how you can turn your magazine into a money making machine! Whether you have a business or want your magazine to be a stand-alone money making project, with my easy-to-follow ‘Money Making Machine Workshop’, I walk you through the different options for making money from your magazine and give you the practical tools to use to apply them to your magazine.

With This Workshop You Will Quickly Learn:

  • How to sell advertising with ease!
  • How to develop and attract subscribers.
  • How to use your magazine to bring lots of new clients to your business.

“Since I created my business I’ve been thinking of creating a monthly online magazine but was so overwhelmed by the different options and details I backburnered it quite a few times. I had no idea where to start, and forget about how to create and gather content or interview people! Thankfully I found Rosie’s course and feel so much more confident about starting my own magazine. Rosie’s course is simple and straightforward–yet goes from the basics right down to the intricacies of timing, layout, nailing interviews and even culling information you can use immediately in your editorial well. There were other courses I had found but I trusted Rosie’s background and experience and I’m glad I did. I feel very prepared to create my own magazine using the process and worksheets that the course provided.”

 Tami Cunningham, www.giftingsweet.com



You don’t have a website? No worries! I will include my complete step-by-step video tutorial guide which will show you how to start your own website for less than $30, where you can house your online magazine!

The very first step to creating an online magazine is to have a website which you control. If you already have one which you are happy with that’s great; you can skip this step! The simplest way to build a website is to use WordPress. It’s what I use; it’s what The New York Times use! I have created a simple step-by-step guide with 9 tutorial videos showing exactly how to set up a website. By following these steps you can have your own website built within the next  70 minutes. Here’s what you get:

  • 9 instructional videos showing the exact steps to take. (Total length of all 9 videos: only 1 hour 7 minutes!)
  • All terminology explained simply: hosting, domain names, posts and pages.
  • How to choose awesome free designs for your website.
  • Have full control of your website–no more expensive web update charges.
  • Know how to make changes instantly without having to wait for a ‘web expert’. Full control is so important for magazine websites!
  • Result: a great looking website that you own and control and which is ready for your magazine within a couple of hours!


That’s a total of $735 worth of tutorials and workshops for a bundle discount price of only $494!

For A LIMITED Time Only! Get ALL 5 Programs For:

ONLY $294!


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  2. Hi Pepper,

    The package is available again at a discounted price until mid January 2017 😉

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